The healing mover is that individual who holds and accompanies others during a process of self-change towards integration, in an exploration of movement and dance within the boundaries of therapy… but also, the person who allows the perception of themselves as a creative explorer that dances towards healing.

My first thought is to write this blog from the perspective of a Dance/Movement Therapy practitioner, but also as an individual who accepts, flows and changes as she moves and is moved by others in the challenging yet beautiful dance of life.

Engaging in dance for me has always been an adventure… jazz, ballet, salsa, bellydance, yoga, martial arts, ballroom dancing, tai chi, tango, authentic movement and contact improvisation; each brings a wealth of experience and movement repertoire that supports my work, and yet there is still so much more to try!

A DMT uses the resources of personal therapy, supervision, and private dance practice to reflect on his or her experiences in an embodied way and based on theories of psychodynamic psychotherapy, movement analysis and group theory, amongst others. In this sense, they are both a moving healer, that supports another during a therapy process using both verbal and non-verbal means; and a healing mover, working towards self-care and integration.

I completed the MA in Dance/Movement Therapy at Goldsmiths University in 2010, have presented my work in conferences in both the UK and Mexico and my practice is being shaped slowly as it adapts to the needs and context of my home country and contemporary DMT. I currently serve the ADTA Public Relations Committee.

I want to promote the process of healing in others but also be able to gain insight as I am moved by the ideas and visions of those who inspire my work.

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Hoping you move and are moved in joy and serenity,

Alicia Sofia Garfias

MA Dance Movement Therapy

RDMP and International Professional Member of ADMPUK

International Associate Member of ADTA

  • Please contact me if you are interested in Therapy Sessions in Clinical Settings (no Private Practice at the moment), Dance/Movement Therapy presentations, and Group Workshops.
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